Benefits of water play for children

Children in their early phase of life open-up slowly and learn by getting their hands on and in all kinds of things. This particular phase of their evolution sets them up for sensory play. Expert neurologist’s term this phase of development as critic

Playtime, How much is too much?

In today’s modern world, there is just too much focus on education. Focus on education by itself is not a bad thing, but too much of it cuts into recess time that is extremely harmful. Leading world pediatricians have been highlighting this dangerous

Green for sleep, Orange for people…colors play a role in child’s growth ...

Children soak in the world around them through their eyes. One of the first aspects that their eyes take in, from an early age is bright colours for the simple reason that their eyes are not fully developed yet at that stage. But bright colours are e

Guide to Sensory Play – Why is it Important for Your Kids? ...

Kids like all of us are born with six senses – See, Listen, Touch, Smell, Taste & Move. As they grow up they begin to look to adapt them in what is generally called as ‘initial development phase’. Every kid will learn to use them and experience t

Educational Toys for Kids and Their Importance

The best way to kick-start a kid’s developmental growth process is through toys. Not only do they help broaden a kid’s growth process, but they also teach kids precious lessons that are vital for their growth process. Kids simply feel at ease amidst

How can we encourage our kids to do something for the Environment ? ...

One of the best delights of bringing up a child is to encourage them to become eco-conscious and adopt eco-friendly habits and tendencies. It is vital that parents and teachers begin to inculcate among children from a tender age to develop the feelin

How to say No to your child without actually saying a ‘NO’ ...

Saying ‘No’ to your child is never an easy task and can be extremely challenging. Ensure that you deny or stop your kid from doing things that are harmful to them but in a kid-friendly way. Though you mean to say it for their own good, it requires yo