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Alpaks came into being in 1996 with just one product, the Magic Mould, an artificial clay meant to unleash and nurture every child's creativity and plant seeds of parallel and out-of-the-box thinking - skills that will help them succeed in every venture they undertake as adults.

The warmth with which the Magic Mould was welcomed by parents and educators alike paved the way for future products. Careful research and hard work ensured continued success and the company is now well-known for creating educational toys for children, and has the largest variety in children's toys.

Over 24 years, Alpaks, with a fine research and development division, has grown to create hundreds of interactive toys for children - from clay to educational toys to innovative furniture - all aimed at instilling a healthy curiosity, nurturing the innovative mind, and the curiosity to try out various things. Our learning toys aid the growth and learning of your little cherub.

Most schools comprise our list of satisfied customers and we specialize in wholesale supplies.

Lauded by many, Alpaks's toys are made under strict quality control measures and are safe for children.